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Seminar: Data Poetics (2014)
View into a Quantified-Self Diary
Jasmine von Niederhäusern

Since the quantified self movement the number of apps that record your personal data is increasing. They can record almost everything, for instance step counts, calories, your calculated athletic performance and your mood. Their aim is to help you to live better and healthier.

Thus, the question is, whether only these figures help to live a healthier life?

For a week I recorded my steps, counted my calories, analyzed my sleeping rhythm, calculated my sporting activity and had an healthy diet. Thereby decision-making moments come up again and again, in which you realise, that not only the numbers are important, but also that other factors play a relevant role.

With my video I show some decisions I had to make, during this week. I always demonstrate the positives and negatives of the individual option, so that you can make your own choice.

This video is for all the people who get crazy with counting their calories or other things and think they live better, but they don’t. They only have stress to reach that number of the display. The video should also clarify that we are individuals and that we have to use our common sense. We can’t rely only on these apps/numbers.