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Seminar: My Data is Your Data, and Your Data is Mine (2013)
The ePersonality
Angela Järmann, Stefanie Schneeberger

Nowadays people get more and more used to putting personal data into the world wide web without caring too much about who is going to use and read them. Theoretically those available data can be used from applications and other people without us noticing. Also data that we are putting into the net are hardly ever deleted and may stay available for long periods of time.

ePersonality is trying to illustrate what can possibly be done with all those digital data available for one single person. And questions whether or not the sharing of our personal data and making them viewable by nearly everyone is desirable or even stoppable.

ePersonality is an application for smartphones. The user can scan any person he meets in real life and get all the information that is available on the internet for this specific person. It browses through all the digital data like online profiles, search terms entered in Google and other search engines, items that where purchased through online shops, any activity on forums and blogs. Based on the collected information the app generates a new portrait for the scanned person, which is displayed as a short text. All the information can be viewed individually or be sorted by interest such as work, leisure and general data.

Unlike with other online profiles the representation in ePersonality can not be controlled by the scanned person.