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Seminar: Cartes Blanches (2021–23)
Liminality through Body and Space
Harumi Mumenthaler

Liminality is described as being in an intermediate state, phase, or condition where there is a differentiation between the physical and sociological liminality. The first term describes transition spaces such as waiting areas,airports or school corridors. The liminality a human feels are in between phases, where situation A changes to situation B as grieving periods, breakups or puberty. Both categories describe a process from one state to another. In my project I want to find an intersection point of these two different categories of liminality and show the intersection visually. How would the one or the other look visually and in which way can the intersection be created? As my final product a video of 3 minutes will be created. The aim is to produce a multimedial product with different artists involved. A performer will be filmed while improvising in a subtile space. The material of the performer moving in the space will then be distorted in After Effects which shows the intersection. A track will be then laid over the clip.