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Seminar: My Data is Your Data, and Your Data is Mine (2013)
Alexandra Kaufmann

Data l

This project questions the effects of information graphics. They generally possess a high credibility, mainly generated through their aesthetics. The title names the content: a real mountain named Data and an android from the Star Trek Series, also called Data. The only connection between the two is their name. The contour line of the mountain and the components of the android are combined into a new information graphic that is lacking any sense.

Data ll

A lot of information graphics today look similar, because they were build with automatic programs. Therefore the numbers or the contents become exchangeable. In my work I did the same. I used these automatic tools with always the same numbers. The originated diagrams were taken apart and rearranged. In a layout of an economic newspaper the graphics get a very different meaning. Instead of their random and chaotic look they look credible.