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Seminar: Data Exploration Spaces (2015)
Demography vs. Topography
Lazar Jeremic

For the semester topic of «Exploring Data Spaces» within the emphasis of new media, I decided to work with 3D-printing as technology and medium. The project began by learning how to use the machines and how to prepare data for printing at first, while gathering potential sources to visualize.

The decision to use population density data as starting point came naturally by the ever-lasting political discussions about Switzerland’s population growth in comparison to the small habitable area. A density model has been prepared, rendered and printed out, as well a tourism and elevation models for better comparison. Therefore, by exploring data within a three dimensional space, questions such as «Where do people live?», «Where are some lesser dense spots?» or «Where do tourists go?» can be easily answered and comprehended.

Sources: Swiss Federal Statistical Office & Federal Office of Topography