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Seminar: My Data is Your Data, and Your Data is Mine (2013)
Make Me Happy
Sophie Fischer, Jasmine von Niederhäusern

Recently scientific research has shown that laughing increases the productivity, teamwork and satisfaction at work. Therefore surfing for funny videos and jokes on the Internet isn’t as bad as some employers think.

Based on these facts we developed “MAKE ME HAPPY”, a programme concept that makes you laugh while you’re at work. With the integrated webcam it measures your face activity during the day and knows when it’s time for you to laugh. We designed a concept for the interface and made a short film, which shows when and how the programme should be used. Additionally we developed a prototype in Processing, which simulates it’s function.

The modern society demands a high productivity and the pressure on the employees increases more and more. Using this programme would alleviate the stress at work and therefore help to utilise the worker’s full potential. This programme could easily be realised with today’s technology and could be relevant for our working environment.